Our Process

Dream / Consultation / Design / Build / Install


At TR&B Millworks, every project begins with custom design services to help you imagine your new dream kitchen, dining room, entertainment center and more. Let us help you put take your imagination and turn it into reality. Our smooth process makes each and every project a one-of-a-kind piece.


The very first step is speaking with our experienced woodworking specialist who understands style, respects budgets, and knows how to navigate the process. Our first meeting helps us understand your goals and the characteristics of your space. During this meeting, we will share our experiences with current design trends, material selections and important project considerations like budgeting and construction planning. At our initial meeting we will discuss the project and evaluate your needs. Then, we take a look at your ideas, timeframe and budget. The next step is providing you a price on design and construction. We take care of almost every aspect of the project.


We begin with your vision for the space. At TR&B Millworks, we strive to create functional, economical solutions that are perfectly suited to the needs of the people who use them every day. We custom design every element of your project based on the concept drawings and photos that we are provided. We can design kitchens, cabinets, doors, bathrooms, and furniture pieces to fit your exact specifications. We will provide a scale drawing of the project to give you a visual representation of what the finished product will look like prior to starting production.


A solid design is the best start. TR&B Millworks has the skills, experience and patience to transform an idea from paper to product. Our commitment is to use only high-quality products while building your project. In fact, the craftsmanship of every TR&B Millworks product is second to none. We believe that the success of each project hinges on our commitment to perfection. Once you have completed the approval process on your designs, we begin the building process. Then, we will revisit the location to measure to assure correct sizes. The items will then be scheduled for production in our shop. Our skilled craftsmen spend time constructing each piece taking care to deliver the highest quality and detail.


After our craftsmen have designed and built the finished product, the final measure of our unrivaled experience comes during the installation process. The skilled craftsmen at TR&B Millworks provide their expertise and professionalism in this crucial stage of the project. We understand the specifics of the client’s design plan and install the finished product with the utmost precision and care.

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